Doctor holding in hand Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

What Is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, fatal neurological disorder that affects nerve cells within the brain and the spinal cord. Eventually, it can affect muscles and their ability to move.

ALS is also commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, after an American baseball player who had this disease, whose number was retired by major league baseball in 1939, because he represented strength and ideals of those afflicted with the illness.

Progressive Muscle Weakness and Atrophy

Now for some more bad news: you probably know someone who has or will get ALS, because this terrible disease currently affects up to 2 million people worldwide. It’s often diagnosed between the ages of 40-70 but ALS manifests itself differently from person to person; it can be identified as early as infancy.

ALS is characterized by progressive muscle weakness and atrophy. This includes fasciculations (twitching of muscles), cramps, loss of reflexes in the lower body, and impaired speech production in varying degrees depending on the stage of progression.

The major complication in people with ALS is respiratory failure. Patients depend on voluntary motor control to operate their breathing muscles for this reason which means that one can become incapacitated due to injury or illness much more readily than otherwise. They may also suffer from cognitive difficulties such as dementia caused by interference with brain functions due to degeneration of nerve cells in areas responsible for thought processing and exercising.

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Why Treat Your Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis With Your Medical Marijuana Card?

In states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana, cannabis has been found to alleviate some of the symptoms of ALS. It can increase appetite and relieve pain, spasticity, and cramps.

For people who are suffering from the progression of ALS, medical marijuana has many benefits that have been known to help with. For example, patients report that they feel tired less often when they use it. That means you don’t have to spend so much time resting in bed which can take up a lot of your precious time! They also say it’s very helpful in reducing muscle spasms and pain.

If you’re serious about getting better, then why not give cannabis a try? It could change your life for the better!

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Medical Marijuana has been around for so many centuries some scientists even believe its usage dates back thousands of years! This ancient plant is still being used today because there are so many different types out there, each of which can provide a solution or relief best suited to your needs.

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