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Our top priority is providing professional medical evaluations to patients to determine eligibility for treatment with medical marijuana in Broward County under full compliance with the Florida Compassionate Use Act of 2014 and Amendment 2 of 2016.

Our patients who qualify for the compassionate use of medical marijuana (or low THC alternatives like CBD oils) have a wide range of both minor and major medical conditions. These conditions include all forms of cancer, ALS, Crohn’s, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, MS, Parkinson’s, mental health disorders, PTSD and similar diagnosed conditions. Medical marijuana in Broward County can be used to provide relief from symptoms caused by these medical conditions like chronic pain, nausea, lack of appetite, insomnia, and more.

But no approved condition qualifies until you have a medical diagnosis that is part of your official medical records. And even then, only once it has been reviewed by a licensed physician that is cannabis-certified can you register for your medical marijuana (MMJ) ID card in Florida.

All patients will be seen by our doctors who have spent more than 20 years relieving pain and discomfort while promoting wellness and quality of life to their South Florida patients. Our doctors will perform an examination that will qualify you to get a card.

It’s important to note; you must have proof of your Florida residency in the form of a Florida ID or passport.

If approved, the staff of Broward Alternative Health will initiate the registration process with the state of Florida and assist patients with obtaining a registry card for medical marijuana in Broward County, which will allow them to legally buy medical marijuana at one of the approved Florida dispensaries.

Once your name is in the registry, your completed application goes to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Applying can be a lengthy process and take up to two months for the Department of Health to review your application and issue your MMJ card.

When your application is approved, and you have your MMJ card, you or your legal representative can buy cannabis products from a licensed medical marijuana treatment center in Florida.

Once the card allowing you to use medical marijuana in Broward County is issued, it has to be renewed annually–which includes paying the $75 fee again.

Read more on applying for medical marijuana in Broward County here:  floridahealth.gov/ocu.

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