Is Medical Marijuana Legal?

Medical marijuana is legal in Florida if it is recommended by a licensed physician. Marijuana is still illegal in Florida for recreational or adult usage. Marijuana possession of small amounts is considered a misdemeanor. Penalties and a fine can might be the result of a conviction.

Under Florida’s Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, which was adopted in 2014, patients with cancer or epilepsy may legally ingest low-THC cannabis. The Department of Health established OCU to supervise the state’s medical marijuana program.

Amendment 2, which legalized medicinal marijuana, was adopted by Florida voters on November 8, 2016. The Office of Medical Marijuana Use was titled OCU (OMMU) and created. The bill’s revisions required the establishment of medical marijuana treatment clinics (MMTC).

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Medical Marijuana

Is There Somewhere in Florida Where You Can Obtain Marijuana Legally?

Patients having Registry Identification Cards may buy medical marijuana. For purchases at an approved dispensary, ID cards must be shown. Law enforcement and others use them to check a patient’s status in the state database.

Treatment Clinics for Medical Marijuana

Patients must utilize products obtained from licensed MMTCs. In certain areas, delivery services may be offered. Patients and their caregivers may buy a 35-day supply of flowers (up to 2.5 ounces) and a 70-day supply of other cannabis products all at once.

In California, medicinal marijuana and medical marijuana delivery devices are exempt from sales tax. The state sales tax does not apply to retail, delivery, distribution, or storage.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

There are no restrictions on where approved MMTCs may provide medical marijuana to patients. There may be shipping expenses, according to the MMTC.

Marijuana cannot be smoked in public unless the employer permits it (smoking is prohibited indoors); or in a motor vehicle, public bus, train, or boat. The only places where consumption is permitted are private households. Driving when high on marijuana has a number of consequences.

Ingestible goods like candy, topical applications like sprays and oils, vaporizers, and smoking capsules are all alternatives for cannabis use. For the storage of cannabis flowers for smoking and vaping, tamper-proof containers are essential. Patients under the age of 18 are not permitted to smoke medical cannabis unless they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the diagnosis has been confirmed by a second, board-certified physician.

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