HIV/AIDS and Medical Marijuana's Positive Effects

Marijuana's Positive Influence on HIV/AIDS

Marijuana-based treatment may alleviate some of the pain and suffering caused by HIV and AIDS. Anxiety is a common symptom among persons with AIDS.

Analgesics for Neuropathic Pain

Clinical studies have not confirmed claims that marijuana reduces neuropathic pain in AIDS patients. Research shows that medical marijuana is beneficial in the treatment of cancer-related neuropathy. Some research suggests that the analgesic pain-relieving properties of medical marijuana may be helpful in the treatment of AIDS-related symptoms.

It’s not an easy task, though, since some argue that the usage of medicinal marijuana for anxiety or depression and recreational marijuana use are separate. AIDS patients are in a unique situation since many of them discover the therapeutic advantages of the medicine by first taking it for pleasure. Additionally, people who started using medicinal marijuana to treat their illnesses have seen psychological benefits

An Effective Choice

Medical marijuana has been used to alleviate many of the adverse effects associated with antiretroviral medicines.

AIDS-related symptoms have been considerably decreased by newer generation medications. On the other hand, medical marijuana is widely recognized as an effective remedy for these symptoms.

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