At Broward Alternative Health, caring for our patients is our primary concern.

Our doctors are proud to be certified medical marijuana doctors in Broward County. After spending more than 20 years providing pain relief to patients in multiple sates, they are more than prepared to serve South Florida. Broward Alternative Health incorporates a holistic approach to pain and symptom management.

Looking for a medical marijuana doctor in Broward? Here’s how we can help.

Our main goal is to provide you with an exceptional patient experience through compassion, education, and consideration of our patients’ needs.  We can provide you with trustworthy, reliable, and convenient medical marijuana doctor evaluations in Broward County. Our office works hard to exceed your expectation in every step of the process.

To obtain your medical marijuana (MMJ) card certification, you must have a valid medical cannabis recommendation from a licensed physician. If you’re interested in seeing a medical marijuana doctor in Broward, please give us a call directly. It’s safe, secure and 100% confidential.

We provide risk-free evaluations and medical marijuana card certifications in accordance with Florida law. We will explain the process of getting your MMJ card you can feel assured and comfortable that you’re going to be seeing doctors who care about your well being. Patients who qualify will receive a letter of recommendation from one of our doctors to obtain their ID card.

After getting your medical cannabis card, you can purchase your “product” from medical marijuana treatment dispensaries. You have options of topical, vaping, sublingual, edibles, and transdermal patches in a variety of strengths. Patient experience and doctor experience will help determine the best method of treatment.

Our doctors have certifed and guided hundreds of patients since medical marijuana has become legal in the State of Florida.

Call now so our staff can gather any prior medical records and see if your symptoms and reasons fall into a qualifying condition.

You can read more about applying for medical marijuana in Broward County here: floridahealth.gov/ocu. Call us to schedule an appointment to check eligibility from your medical marijuana doctor in Broward County.

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