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As a medical marijuana doctors in Fort Lauderdale, Broward Alternative Health has doctors with extensive medical training. Because of this, the State of Florida allows Broward Alternative Health to evaluate and qualify patients who meet the requirements for using medical marijuana. With their many years of experience, our doctors meet with South Florida patients and educate them about the eligibility requirements laid out in the Compassionate Care Act.

Once approved for a medical marijuana card, patients can then work with our doctors to learn how they may benefit from medical marijuana. Broward Alternative Health will also help patients work closely with the staff at our office to obtain their patient ID card and learn how to pick up their medications from approved cannabis dispensaries.

Our doctors have practiced alternative health for decades. They have years of experience in multiple states, and are more than prepared to serve South Florida.

Thousands of patients have obtained better health and improved wellness thanks to our doctors and their understanding of the human body. They have the experience and expertise to provide you with the proper advice and recommendations.

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