You Too Can be Pain-Free with the Miracle of Medical Marijuana

It’s a good time to be alive and right in the center of an emerging health market that shows no end in sight. Yes, it’s medical marijuana, and not the kind of marijuana your mom caught you with then you were a teen, this is the marijuana that actually eases pain and suffering minus the bad stuff. Truth be told, it has helped thousands of people with debilitating health issues without the mind-numbing effects. In fact, medical marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states today. Luckily, Florida is one of them. It’s truly a medical miracle that so many people are benefiting from medical marijuana today. This wonderful therapy has been shown to alleviate joint pain from arthritis by reducing inflammation, helping to stop seizures in epileptic patients and has even been shown to shrink tumors in some cancers. Each day, more and more research is being funded and promising new studies are being done to determine how medical marijuana can help in all kinds of health issues.  

Where Can I Go to Get Medical Marijuana in Oakland Park?  

So many alternative health doctors are setting up shop around South Florida and the city of Oakland Park is no exception. At Broward Alternative Health in Oakland Park, our highly-skilled medical marijuana doctors have received extensive training to evaluate and qualify patients to receive medical marijuana. If you suffer from chronic pain, there is relief for you now and it’s a wonderful alternative to prescription medication. It’s non-addictive and all natural. What’s more, our medical marijuana specialists have years of experience serving in multiple states and are completely qualified to offer the help you’ll need in your journey to become pain free. 

How Do I Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Oakland Park? 

So many people have heard of medical marijuana and the wonderful effects it can have on a number of lesser known health conditions like depression, glaucoma, anxiety and insomnia, but for some reason, there is some confusion about how to obtain a card.  It isn’t a mystery—in fact it’s quite easy to obtain with a few simple steps. At Broward Alternative Health, we make it easy for you to obtain your medical marijuana card. Here’s what will happen: 

  • Make an appointment with a doctor who is specifically trained in medical marijuana dispensing. 

Point of fact –Doctor’s must go through hours of extensive training and receive a special certificate once they have completed the course. All of our physicians at Broward Alternative Health have the training and guidance to help you apply. 

  • Provide proof of Florida residency and that you are at least 18. 
  • Your doctor will take a full history and find out exactly what ails you to determine if you’re a viable candidate for a medical marijuana card.  
  • If your doctor recommends that you obtain a card, you will be given a reference number so that you can fill out the application for your card online. Have the number handy. 
  • Once you hit send, your application will be filed and your card should be on the way to you within 10 days to two weeks. 
  • Once you receive your card, you will have a” green” light to legally buy cannabis products from any licensed marijuana treatment center like Broward Alternative Health in Oakland Park and in the state of Florida. 

So, get started with our help. Call Broward Alternative Health at (954) 297-5905 and speak with one of our qualified physicians to get your medical marijuana card in Oakland Park today. Isn’t it time you put an end to your pain and suffering? How exciting to learn that a medical marijuana card is your ticket to feeling great each and every day! 

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