Medical Marijuana Makes New Strides Helping People Manage Pain in Oakland Park

Have you been dealing with constant pain from an injury or a debilitating or recurring pain that keeps you from enjoying your daily activities or hobbies? If so, you’re not alone. Studies show that more than 50% of the population in South Florida, especially seniors, live with some type of chronic pain or debilitating condition every day. What can you do? Well, you don’t have to resign yourself to living in constant pain any longer. You no longer have to wake up in pain every morning. The good news is that pain management help from medical marijuana is available to everyone over 18 in South Florida. Medical marijuana is legal in Florida, and you too can join the thousands of people who are benefitting from it. Reaching out to our team at Broward Alternative Health is the best way to get medical marijuana in Oakland Park to help manage pain for seniors and just about anyone who qualifies over the age of 18. Medical Marijuana has been known to help with a range of debilitating conditions, including some not so tangible like insomnia, migraines, arthritis, mood swings, PTSD, and depression. In some instances, medical marijuana has been shown to shrink tumors and help cancer patients feel more comfortable and live a better quality of life.

Why try medical marijuana?

Medical Marijuana offers a non-invasive, holistic alternative to prescription drugs, which can sometimes have debilitating side effects. If given a choice, most South Florida residents would prefer to take a more holistic approach to pain management and avoid taking a prescription pill at all costs. Today, with medical marijuana, that is all possible. For these and many other reasons, medical marijuana has been nothing short of a modern-day miracle, helping so many people manage pain throughout South Florida. But first, you will need to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Oakland Park.

Is it easy to obtain a medical marijuana card?

You can get your medical marijuana in Oakland Park from Broward Alternative Health if you qualify. Our team of professionally trained medical marijuana doctors is qualified to decide if you are the right candidate for medical marijuana.  To become certified as a medical marijuana doctor, you must commit to many hours of training and study. Not just any physician can dispense medical marijuana. The best way to get medical marijuana help for seniors and just about anyone who qualifies over the age of 18 is to make an appointment with a qualified medical marijuana doctor at Broward Alternative Health.

General advice to obtain a medical marijuana card:

Research the best state-licensed medical professionals, who have had specialized training and have passed the mandatory Medical Marijuana course mandated by the state of Florida.

  • Call and make an appointment for a consultation. After your doctor asks a series of questions, namely what your specific ailment is —he or she will ask about your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for a medical marijuana card.
  • After you are approved for a medical marijuana card,  your doctor will enter your name and medical information into the Florida Marijuana Use Registry.
  • You will also receive an ID number that you will use to fill out the application for your card online. There is a fee of $75, and the waiting time to receive your medical marijuana card in Oakland Park is about three weeks.

Ready to find out more?

To find out more about how to obtain medical marijuana in Oakland Park, call Broward Alternative Health. Our dedicated team of medical professionals and medical marijuana doctors can help you succeed in your journey to becoming pain-free forever! Isn’t it time you put an end to your pain and suffering?  How exciting to know that a medical marijuana card is your ticket to feeling great every day! At Broward Alternative Health, we are available to help you with pain management from Monday to Friday. So, don’t delay getting help to manage your chronic pain. We look forward to meeting you and providing help the help you need to ease your suffering. Call Broward Alternative Health today at (954) 297-5905 to speak with one of our qualified medical marijuana doctors.

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