How to Preserve Medical Cannabis in Oakland Park

Medical cannabis is all the rage in Florida, with 440 thousand patients statewide using it and growing. A recent study found that it was so effective that 65% of these people either reduced or discontinued one prescription medication. These insights show the popularity of medical cannabis in Oakland Park and other areas of Florida. The rise in people who have access to it creates issues with building up their supplies and how to store them effectively. The lack of information is problematic, as they do not know how to safeguard their cannabis. The key is to follow specific tactics for ensuring that it is safely protected and stored in responsible ways. It makes sure that your cannabis maintains its strength characteristics and does not go into the wrong hand (such as a minor). 

  1. Lock it up

Anytime there are children or unauthorized parties around, you need to keep your cannabis locked up in a secure cabinet or safe. It should only be accessed by you and do not use it when any one of them is around you. Unauthorized use and access is a third-degree in Florida and you can be subject to child endangerment for giving it to them. The key to avoiding these challenges is to keep it in a secure place, where only you have access, and use it when no one is around.  

  1. Store in a dark place

Keep your marijuana in a dark place when you are not using it to avoid the sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays lead to THC degradation in marijuana. THC is the high component that causes you to experience the psychedelic effects of the drug. A study in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology found that the sun will decrease these qualities by 20%. Those who store it in dark places away from the sun can preserve it and avoid losing its THC properties. It is very similar to leaves, which turn brown after leaving them in the sun for too long. 

  1. Keep it airtight 

You want to make sure that the marijuana is kept in an airtight container or bag. Oxygen can ruin the THC effectiveness the more exposed it is to it. Long-term storage could be something like a jar that seals it in or a zip lock bag. The basic idea is you want something that prevents oxygen from entering to maintain the freshness. 

  1. Heat and Humidity

Florida is known for its heat and humidity, keep the marijuana in a place where the temperature does not exceed 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything over this temperature can cause it to dry out and lose its effectiveness. Do not store it in temperatures below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit); it will adversely damage the genetic structure of the bud and become not as strong. You want to keep the marijuana in a place in between these ranges and where the temperatures remain stable. 

Humidity can also have an adverse effect on marijuana and you want to keep it away from moisture. The ideal range is between 59% to 64% relative humidity to maintain its properties. Anything above this will cause it to become moldy and change the chemical composition of the buds. 

  1. Length of time

There is no exact time you can store marijuana; the most critical things are to protect it from oxygen, sunlight, heat, and humidity. Avoiding these elements makes it easy to maintain the chemical properties from the time you placed them in storage. Anything that is oils or candy may lose its THC properties and dry out. But, for the actual flower, following the above guidelines will allow you to store it for as long as you want. 

The storage of your medical cannabis in Oakland Park requires using tactics that focus on safety and preservation. These tips offer ways of responsibly keeping it in the right hands and allow you to protect its properties. 

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