Five Benefits of Medical Marijuana You Need to Know

For some, the decriminalization of marijuana for medical use is a difficult concept to grasp. With the former heavy policing of marijuana use in Florida and the rigid laws against recreational use that still remain, medical marijuana in Oakland Park is a new concept some don’t understand. There are still questions about the legitimacy of claims concerning the benefits of medical cannabis despite the growing acceptance of marijuana as a holistic health option.  

If have a qualifying health condition are considering medical cannabis in Oakland Park, here are the five benefits you need to know. 

Pain Management 

Medical marijuana doctors in Oakland Park most commonly prescribe cannabis and marijuana-based products for inflammation and pain management. Cannabidiols are the chemical components responsible for cannabis’ effect on the brain and body, which interact with the pain receptors of the central nervous system. Because of this, marijuana can be a viable alternative for people who do not react well to opioid pain medications. Medical cannabis can be prescribed for any number of chronic pain conditions, including but not limited to: 

  • Chron’s disease 
  • Cystic Fibrosis 
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Scoliosis 
  • Ulcerative Colitis 
  • Neuropathy 
  • Cancers 

For patients with epilepsy and other seizure disorders, marijuana can help reduce the frequency of attacks and other symptoms. 

Mental Health Benefits 

Medical marijuana in Oakland Park is not limited to physical symptoms. For some patients, cannabis has major benefits for mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. Some strains of cannabis are shown to help level moods, reduce anxiety, and promote mental wellness. While medical marijuana is not a magical cure for any condition, for some patients it may be more effective than traditional medications. 

For more information about the mental health benefits of medical cannabis and qualifying conditions, contact Broward Alternative Health today! 

Safer Alternative to Opioids 

One of the primary reasons so many people are looking into holistic treatment options like medical cannabis in Oakland Park is in response to the opioid abuse epidemic affecting the United States. Over-prescribing of powerful pain medications is definitely a contributing factor with Oxycodone and Fentanyl leading the charge. In many cases, the prescriptions far exceed medical need, leading to the development of opioid dependence and addiction. 

While in some cases marijuana can be addictive, it does not carry any of the health risks of opioid abuse, like overdose. Withdrawal symptoms of opioid misuse can also be painfully uncomfortable. A medical marijuana doctor in Oakland Park can walk you through why cannabis is a safer alternative and help you get approved for a medical marijuana card. 

Cancer Studies 

While medical cannabis is currently cleared to help treat some of the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment, it is not yet an approved treatment for any forms of cancer in itself. Preliminary studies have shown promising results in helping to shrink cancerous cells and prevent the spread to other areas of the body. With cannabis now getting more attention in the medical field, additional studies are needed before patients have the option to try cannabis-based treatment. 

Treatment Options 

For some, the prospect of having to smoke medical marijuana in Oakland Park is cause of concern, either for health reasons or personal choice. Thankfully advancement in the field has lead to the development of a number of medical marijuana products: 

  • CBD Oils and Tintures, the most concentrated version of CBD, which can be consumed orally 
  • Vaporizers and Inhalers, a cleaner, less aggressive means of ingesting via the lungs 
  • Pills and Supplements, either in pill or tablet form 
  • Topical products, especially useful for pain management in the abdomen or pelvic area 

Looking for more information about medical marijuana in Oakland Park? Let Broward Alternative Health help you now! Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

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